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Dont be afraid..I am here Bears

WELCOME to our Bear Project..
easing the fears and hearts
of traumatized children in crisis,
with the smile and hug of a hand made bear
or other soft friend.
A teddy bear is the universal symbol of love and
has provided comfort to children throughout the ages.
It has been proven, that many deprived and abused
children will bond stongly to a soft cuddly teddy bear
or soft friend during periods of emotional crisis. And these
Teddy bears will become more to them than just a toy.
A teddy bear helps to preserve and stimulate healthy
mental activity that under these horrible circumstances which otherwise might be permanently lost. In the child's mind the teddy bear becomes a temporary substitue for a real person, someone they have lost or were taken away from. The child then can respond to the teddys thru remembering and fantasy and provide opportunities for loving and nurturing that are missing in their present reality.
It is proven that through serious play, children who are able to form strong and stable bonds can preserve..even embellish..their capacty for fantasy, imagination and problem solving using language.
Sadly for all of society, children deprived of real loving relationships and inanimate objects to substitue for loving people,  become predisposed later in life to depressions and other major mental illnesses, severe social problems and overall marginal lifestyle.


Dont be afraid I am here Bears Group

Life indeed does sometimes take you to a dark side, where it can be dark and scarey and unfamiliar for an adult let alone an innocent child. A quote from generous lady with a big heart who does emergency foster care “sometimes they are so afraid… they just want and need to be held”  that pierced my heart and put an urgency in me to put my knitting to the best use possible. A smile on a hurting childs face, or a hug from a bear held close when they feel so alone, something to hug in a cold dark unfamiliar room.
The National Committee of Grandparents for Children’s Rights is sponsoring this project ...our bears made by generous kind hearted members of Dont be afraid...I am here bears Yahoo and Ravelry group and will be given to Child Protection Services case workers from the Department of Social Services in Nassau County as they go to remove one of these precious babies from most likely the only home they have ever known, will be put in safe houses and given out by the Coalition against Domestic Violence In Nassau County, will be distribued to sexually and physically abused children by the Coalition against Child abuse and Neglect in Nassau County and given to children who come into  the Child Advocacy Center in Central Islip, New York. The children will be given a bear to hold onto at this probably the most scarey and confusing time of their lives to calm their fears and become a trusted sacred friend who listens to all the saddness of their hearts. 
But we need an ongoing supply of bears for these precious children. Knitted, crocheted, sewn whatever is your speciality. The only stipulation I have is that the Bear be smiling. Will you help me make a bear or 2 or 3 with a smile to be the hope and strength for one of these overburdened children.. something no child should ever have to go through..                                                                        If anyone’s heart is touched as mine was by this very real need of our children today and would like to be part of it with me.. Please join and help us give a smile to a hurting child
Thank you.

Chrystal's Bear
the official bear of this group

One of our generous kind hearted bear making woman from Scotland said to me as we were signing off for the night
"Sweet dreams of dancing bears holding hands with happy children…"
That statment touched my heart and is totally what this project is about. creating happy dreams for these children as they drift off to sleep dreaming of dancing with their bears to lullabyes and become happy longer afraid.
thank you Jenny for your uplifting happy thoughts.


From another generous kind hearted woman who has 30 years experience in foster caring wrote me this note, that touched my heart and made me know We are on the right track..

I just wanted you to know that I know from personal experience how much those Bears mean to children who are scared and removed from their parents - and sometimes their siblings. I was a foster mother for over 30 years - most here in Massachusetts. Our local Sears Dept. store donated Winnie the Pooh Bears to the Dept of Socials Services and they were given to children when they came into foster care. Many of my foster children came clutching their Bears and one of my daughters, that I adopted, still has hers and she is 26 - she came to me at age 2. She has had many stuffed animals since but this one has his place of honor on her bureau.
Keep up the good work.


So thats basically what this is about.. providing a bear for a scared child. We need to take care of "our" children and they all are "our" children. I cannot even comprehend the horrors they must experience at such an early age.. Today the need is great.. as more and more children are experiencing these horrors..Come join us.. put your talents to work.. create something that will one day be sitting on a dresser in a place of honor because at the most scariest time of their lives they had a smiling bear because of you..

thank you so very much


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Thank you

Humanitarian Award
presented by Bevs Country Cottage

Bev's Humanitarian Award page


Brigitte, the lady who gave us our start
Former Director The National Committee of Grandparents for Children's Rights


We have come together, kind hearted generous creative bear making women all over the world, The National Committee of Grandparents for Childrens Rights, Nassau County DSS, Child Protection Services case workers, members of the Coalition against Domestic Violence, Coalition against child absuse and neglect and the Childrens Advocacy Center to create and distribute hand made bears for traumatized children who have to removed from their homes and people they love, have been abused and neglected or have experienced domestic violence.  Bears to ease their fears and give them something familiar and comforting to hold on to at these very difficult times.

Please get in touch with me Alaine Kaidash
if you feel your heart touched by this need and would like to create a bear or two or three
Everyone involved thanks you, especially the children

Thank you, HEATHER for all your sends of music!


Our Nonprofit Agency created to provide handmade bears to ease the fears of  traumatized children removed from their homes and lives
sponsored by The Committee of Grandparents for Children's Rights
866 624 9900
and all those who care..

Grandparents for children's rights