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Members Page
Dont be afraid..I am here Bears



Our Bear Makers:

Lainey in New York
Kisses and big thank yous to all the generous bear makers from Lainey

Mary from Michigan, her husband and grandson, Eden






Jenny (wren3447) from Scotland

Annedo03 from Moulins, France...

Bonnie (bonniebear) from Delaware...birthday Dec 30

Cheryl (nanaknits53) from South Elgin, Ill...birthday March 16

Cheri (needleworkjunky) from Oklahoma...birthday Jan 05

Tanja (Novalia)  from Aachen, Germany...birthday Oct 20

Tina (knitmama247) ...Nov 01

Natalia (pavlin) from Tallinn, Estonia...birthday Jan 07

Lisa (knittr) from San Francisco, California...Nov 23

Melanie (mad79) from Jersey shore, NJ...Aug 15

Kim (crazedkniter) from Jersey shore, NJ...Dec 26

Rebeca from Jersey Shore, NJ... Nov 23

Eva (granny) from Pennsylvania..

Beth and Kristen

Arlene from Wisconsin

Ellen (hugabear) from Fredericksburg Va...Feb 05

Patty from Canandaiqua, New York


Antoinette (Antoinette06) from Limburg, Netherlands...June 06

Anu (crazyestonian) from Seattle, Wa ...Oct 20

Annett (NetNet84) from Madison, New York...Feb29

Dori (dorioneal) from Upstate, New York.. Oct 06

Gina (ginaknit) from New Jersey...May 07

Craftybegonia from the Southwest

Cathy from Long Island, New York

Claire (unforth) from Bronx, NY...Dec 21

Jeanette (lilpiddie) New York City, NY...Oct 24

Jenny (jennypatrick)

JP (JpLev) from Long Island, NY...Jan 15

Josie (PoorlyDrawnPanda) from Newton, New Jersey...July 25

Velia (knittervel) from Edina, Minnesota...Nov 16

Grace (needles54) from Lake Hiawatha, NJ...Sept 30

Nina (nleon307) from Mt Vernon, NY

Sandy (sandyvern) from Stamford, Ct...Nov 13

Sarah (saraq24) from Brooklyn, NY...March 30

Stacie (savtamandj) from Melville, NY...June 08

Pat Kelly from Long Island, New York.. making her wonderful cuddley lions










This area will be used for information about specific members. We may list each member's birthday for the month, or other significant events, This is a great way to keep up to date on how fellow members are doing. We could also have links to members personal web sites.


The best bunch of bear makers world wide bar none : )

This page will be updated with the Names of the generous kind hearted wonderful woman all over the world making these bears for our precious children
thank you all with all our hearts..


Let us know if there are any questions or suggestions you would like to share with fellow members.


Our Nonprofit Agency created to provide handmade bears to ease the fears of  traumatized children removed from their homes and lives
sponsored by The Committee of Grandparents for Children's Rights
866 624 9900
and all those who care..

Grandparents for children's rights